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Handcrafted 7cm Provencal santons

Here you will find the novelties of this year of our 7 cm santons and our entire collection on our online sales site of santons de Provence.


As the end of year celebrations approach, some people are working very carefully to decorate their interior. For many, Christmas is synonymous with traditions and what is more traditional than Provencal health ? A veritable heritage of the artisanal heritage of our ancestors, these small clay figurines come to us from the end of the eighteenth century. They have been able to make a sustainable place in our society and are still the subject of a very special affection today in the hearts of many French people. The craze they generate is topical throughout the year, but they still experience even more interest at the end of the year. Indeed, they are widely used in the achievements of Christmas crèches with incomparable charm. The wonder of those who contemplate them speaks volumes.

What is the Santon in size 7 cm ?

Based in Marseille, Santons Didier puts all his know-how into practice when making his health, with the utmost respect for the Provençal tradition. On his site, he offers you a wide choice of santons in size 7 cm, an ideal size for carrying out real scenes, entire villages or even crèches on a good scale. Unlike the raw santons to paint, these are already painted and decorated by hand, enough to facilitate the task of the less manual among you and allow you to have only to worry about the layout of your miniature world.

The online store hosts different themes such as nativity (religious characters), peasant life (bergers, merchants) or the circus world (animals). In addition, new subjects are added to its collections each year on the site. You can thus find your happiness in all circumstances. Note also that the shop does not only sell characters, the range offered is wide. You can find everything you need to decorate your Provencal Christmas crèches. You will thus have a wide choice of characters evoking different professions or situations but also various animals. What makes all the difference also lies in the details and the decor.

Why choose Santons Didier ?

The shop therefore also offers accessories and trees that will make your miniature glaring in truth. It will only be up to you to make your scene as lively, realistic and complete as possible. Let your imagination and your desires run free. We take care of satisfying them by using our experience.

Whether you are a collector or just look for authentic Provencal santons to garnish your Christmas crib, if these 7cm Provencal santons conquered you, know that they are available for sale and that the online store allows you to shop. You will be able to benefit from a delivery directly to your home. Do not wait any longer and offer yourself a small sample of traditional Provencal know-how. Treat yourself to a Didier santon.

- The santons are not shown to scale - Approximate height of 7 cm subjects: 3 inch(es) - The images are not contractual -