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Les Santons Didier

Santons are clay figurines that depict the colorful people, traditional trades, activities and costumes of Provence, France. They are made from the fine native clay in the regions of Marseille and Aubagne. Two-piece plaster molds made from the original carvings are filled with the clay for the molding. The hand painting is done with incredible care for detail, consisting of bright colors. In 1789, at the time of the French Revolution, the French government prohibited the display of the Nativity. Jean-Louis Lagnel of Marseille (1764-1822), who made the molded figurines for the church 'crèches', created the santon for the general population at a price they could afford, for display in place of the 'crèche'. Santons for the public became an instant success, and an industry; and a tradition was born. Established in 1989, Santons Didier maintains the traditional methods in creating the santon doll, while preserving the tradition of delivering quality workmanship at an affordable price. Didier proud to be recognized by santon collector's as a santonnier that is distinguished for his creativity and for santons that are first-rate in detail.

Santons de Provence

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Santon de Provence
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